How Brexit is Disrupting the Global Supply Chain

Brexit has been marked as one of the most disruptive events in the global supply chain for several years now. The uncertainty on how to split has caused interruptions with tariffs, customs duties,

Our Interlog Portugal building is almost finished! Here are the latest pictures:


Interlog selects Freightender as their cloud based freight tender platform for its customers


“Mg2+ winner of Best Presentation at the ELA Awards 2020!”

ELA Award 2020 from the audience for Best Presentation of the Year goes to INTERLOG GROUP, as it has the common objective to reduce the number of trucks on the roads and gas emissions.

Interlog Portugal Granted “Empresa Gazela 2019” Award

Interlog Portugal was granted the award given by “Comissão de coordenação e desenvolvimento regional do centro”.

Mg2+ Finalist in the ELA Awards 2020

We are delighted to know that our project Mg2+ has been recognized in the industry for being an innovative solution.

How to Reduce the Carbon footprint in Your Supply Chain

Reducing your company’s carbon footprint in the supply chain is greatly positive for the environment and will save money in the long run.


During the last few weeks, the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak has emerged as an issue of global significance, affecting hundreds of thousands of people and having a growing impact on the global economy.

Coronavirus Outbreak: Knowing the real impact this epidemic has done to your Supply Chain

January is a month to plan ahead since the supply chain slows down due to Chinese New Year and other events. January 2020, however, was a bit different due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

MG2+ Project

Mg2+ is a collaborative project that brings together 4 competing manufacturers, Carambar&Co, Cémoi, Ferrero and Mondelez, and 2 logistic providers, Interlog Logistic and FM logistic, around the common objective of reducing the number of trucks on the roads.