Freight Spend Management

freight spend analysis and freight spend management

Freight Spend Management is based on the control of invoices and transportation data that analyze your data flows, giving you a clear view on your expenses, budgets, and the opportunity to identify cost reductions. Our transportation experts at Interlog combine freight audit expertise with data analysis of BI tools to bring you these opportunities to […]

Freight Audit and Payment

freight auditing company and payment

Freight Audit and Payment is a process that facilitates the  receiving, processing and paying invoices between the shipper and the carrier.  There are many factors that make the globalization of your data visibility complex such as, the multiplicity and diversity of information systems, languages, transportation modes and distribution channels. Since 1999, Interlog’s global footprint has […]

Logistics Operations

logistics and operations management company and logistics operations companies

The globalization of markets and the growth of freight flows have made supply chains more complex. To optimize this vital business function, many companies have chosen to outsource the management of their supply chain. Interlog Logistic Audit responds to their choice by setting up tools enabling decision-makers to improve the efficiency of their organization and […]

Business Intelligence & Consulting

business intelligence companies with the best business intelligence services

Business intelligence and consulting Studies & Consulting Make your transportation a vector of growth! Interlog Consulting can assist you in optimizing your transportation activity. We offer insights, studies, and solutions to help you reduce your freight costs while maintaining a high delivery rate. We also address organizational, methodological, and information technology requirements to ensure an optimal […]

Supply Chain
IT Solutions

supply chain solution and logistics and operations management

supply chain it solutions From Big Data to Business Intelligence, utilizing proven business processes, all players in the Supply Chain are now concerned with digitization. Interlog Solutions, a software solutions provider, shares its knowledge of the world of transport and logistics to assist its customers through this phase of major change. Its areas of expertise […]


Back VMI SOFTWARE Vendor Managed Inventory software between suppliers and distributors. Main functions of OCS vmi or our Vendor Managed Inventory Software: Management of products catalogue (data references) Management of platforms and warehouses by company (affiliation) Integration of movements (inventory, exits, missing) and orders Management of replenishment units of your choice to meet the optimal need […]

Click & Track

TMS (Transportation Management System) / COLLABORATIVE PLATFORM We have utilized our experience and expertise in transport flow control to develop the web portal Click & Track. Customer deliveries are scheduled with the help of this software, and communication with carriers and logistics providers is improved through real-time data sharing. Features: Carrier allocation Transmission of transport […]


Multicarrier Parcel Management Solutions Charging station and Transport management System Goal : Simplify and optimize the management of parcel shipments in order to reduce your transport budget. How it works: After setting the application, Transware offers you an “all-in-one” automated management of shipments. Orders are sent to us by the ERP, and following that, Transware […]