Logistics Operations

The globalization of markets and the growth of freight flows have made supply chains more complex. To optimize them, many companies have chosen to outsource the management of their supply chain. Interlog Logistic responds to their choice by setting up tools enabling decision-makers to improve the efficiency of their organization and to reduce their costs.

Its domains of expertise are:

  • management of the operations through collaboration of all elements of the supply chain
  • development of synergies and optimizations
  • analysis and consultation of solutions

Thanks to its position as an independent 4PL, Interlog Logistic enables industrials to work with the best service providers at the best price to serve the interests of their customers.

Its operational solutions provide industrialized processes and tailored services, ensuring the security of operations. The flexibility of its services strengthens the agility of organizations and improves their overall performance.

Transport control tower

Improve your service levels and transportation performance through our solution.

Transportation expenses represent 4 to 8% of a company’s turnover, and even more when the service levels do not meet expected goals, directly impacting the company’s profitability.

Current trade and financial issues require an effective and highly performing transportation organization in the Supply Chain. Our Transport control tower solution answers this need.

Maintaining an independent and objective approach in transportation and logistics, we have been expertly supporting our clients for over 10 years in the analysis, design, set up and management of their requirements. Today, our team annually processes more than 120,000 transport orders for all our clients.



Our strengths

A comprehensive solution :

  • Single shipper loads and/or shared VMI, national and international
  • Call for tenders management
  • Set up and management of transport plans
  • Deployment of ERP-TMS interfaces
  • Administrative tasks handling: BL, CMR, claims, invoicing
  • Handling and resolution of problems and anomalies
  • Continuous improvement process

Gain visibility :

  • Operations tracking from transport order to delivery
  • Key performance indicators: service levels, CO2 emissions
  • The TMS Click & Track allows you to:
    – Follow the shipments status in real time
    – Access the reporting tools

Benefits for the shipper :

  • Improvement in the quality of operations
  • Transportation budget reduction
  • Benchmarks
  • Access to performance indicators
  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Focus on its “Core Business”
  • Implement in 3 months

Results :

  • 50% reduction in the number of delays in loading
  • 98.5% tracking on the day of delivery
  • Delivery service level > 9.8%

Shared VMI

Reduce stock levels and transportation costs, lower CO2 emissions, increase delivery frequency, improve service level reducing the manufacturers’ constraints and challenges.

Shared VMI can act simultaneously on all of these objectives.

Since 2003, Interlog Logistic has been supporting companies of various sizes in the analysis, design, set up and management of VMI pools by pursuing the following targets:

  • Improve the delivery service level
  • Respond in an effective way to the distributors stock level objectives while maintaining control of replenishments
  • Loads optimization
  • Lower costs and CO2 emissions



Our strengths

A comprehensive solution :

  • Opportunity studies
  • Search for partners
  • Solution adapted to your requirements
  • Support the operating mode deployment: training, business rules, interfaces…
  • Order optimization and confirmation according to agreed business rules
  • Restitution of the information

Benefits :

  • Load optimization
  • Increase delivery frequency
  • Lower the distributors stock levels
  • Improve delivery service level
  • Reduce transportation budget
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emission

Key indicators for a shared VMI pool managed by Interlog Logistic :

  • Delivery frequency multiplied by 2.5
  • Distributors stock levels reduced by up to 30%
  • 30% fewer trucks on the road and at the distributors loading bays thus reducing the CO2 emissions

Customized Transportation Organization

The quality of transportation operations is closely linked to the balance of equipment flows in a region or a country of operation. It is therefore important to benefit from a broad portfolio of carriers to get the best availability and prices.

The road freight transport market is constantly changing! International transports are increasingly made by Eastern Europe carriers while the Western carriers are falling back on domestic or regional markets.

Continuous changes in the transport carrier industry and the shippers networks require a flexible and pro-active transport plan.

In this context, Interlog Logistic “Customized Transport Organization” manages all or part of customer shipments through an extended carrier portfolio covering all solutions.

This service is intended for industrials requesting Interlog to manage their freight on a regular basis as well as for customers in the “Managed Transportation” group.

Operating without this constraint, you remain more focused on your core business

Our strengths

Scope :

  • Road freight, France and Europe
  • Partial and full loads
  • Ambient, large volume, controlled temperature
  • Other modes and types upon request

Benefits :

  • Expertise: 4600 carriers referenced in data base providing a great knowledge of the market
  • Flexibility: the solution evolves with your business changes, circumstances and specific demands
  • Performance: fast and competitive quotes constantly benchmarked to the market
  • Efficiency: immediate set up

Results :

  • Your transportation costs reduced by 2 to 10%
  • A 98.8% delivery service level

Interlog Logistic

Logistics Operations


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