Freight bill auditing process of Interlog-Self funding (BY Clients to Carriers)

Historically, Interlog has had a non-pay model for our customers since 1999. 87% of our freight bill audit activity uses this non-pay model for paying carriers. Below is the process we use:

  • Once the invoices are received by Interlog, they move through the process for which it includes data entry,  audit cycle and any customized IT programming (ie: GL coding, batch files, etc.).
  • Upon completion of the Interlog process, invoices are ready for a client review and payment.
  • Interlog generates a customized pay file. The pay file is customized to the customer’s needs and requirements as it applies to layout, format and delivery method. It is typically created weekly, but we can customize the frequency on the client’s request.
  • The client will then integrate the pay file directly into their accounting system.
  • After integration, the customer will initiate payment to the carrier.
  • The option is available for the client to send us a file with the payment information, which can be downloaded into our system. This allows Interlog to answer the carrier’s payment inquiries.
Freight bill audit
Freight bill audit process