Pro-Log acquisition

Press release

Ann Arbor, July 21st 2015

Non asset-based, international fourth party logistics services provider Interlog Services (Interlog) announced today it has acquired Pro-Log LLC (Pro-Log) an Ann Arbor, MI-based non asset-based 3PL for serving customers in the domestic U.S market.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Pro-Log was established in 1993 and provides logistics cost management services, including freight audit and payment as well as management solutions for various U.S. companies. Pro-Log Principals Michael Taft and John Anderson will remain in their roles and run the Pro-Log business as key members of the Interlog leadership team, according to Interlog officials.

Interlog, founded in 1999, provides 4PL, technology, and freight audit and payment services to a broad group of international and Fortune 400 firms. Offices in France, India, Mexico and the U.S. service customers in 20 countries in sectors including the food industry, consumer products, luxury, banking, automotive, electronics, steel, packaging, healthcare, and energy.

“Interlog is committed to growth, both organically and through strategic acquisitions”, according to Interlog owner and President Jean-Marie Mascarenhas. “The most recent acquisition, in 2008, when Interlog took control of ILS, a 4PL provider previously owned by Generix Group, served to broaden our vertical experience and strengthen IT capabilities. Now, our strategic focus is to consolidate our global organization by expanding geographical reach, in particular our US footprint. We’ll continue to look for companies that will help us grow Interlog and build a competitive advantage for our company and our customers.”

In terms of what made Pro-Log attractive to Interlog, Mascarenhas cited how Pro-Log is a 3PL that has tremendous management talent, a diverse and forward- looking customer base, and has values that are consistent with Interlog’s core values.

“It is a stable, committed and profitable business focused on superior attention to customer needs through process and data analytics excellence,” he explained. “Pro-Log strengthens our current position in the U.S. market, specifically the healthcare, automotive supply and chemical verticals.”

Bringing the Pro-Log team on board strengthens the Interlog management team and adds significant expertise in supply chain issues facing the domestic U.S. market, according to Mascarenhas. And establishing a larger presence in the country will allow Interlog to better serve its existing multi-national customers.



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