To do or not to do? That is the question

That’s it, your application has been selected following the submission of your CV and your cover letter! Good job ! Now comes crunch time – the Job Interview – where you have to convince the people in front of you that you are the ideal candidate. Don’t panic, these tips will help you to be ready and confident on D-Day.


Your interview starts several days before the actual meeting. Learn about the history, industry, products and/or services of the company. Indeed, if the recruiter notices you had enough interest to do your research, it will show him the interest that you have for this job and this company in particular.


The second step is to prepare for the interviewer’s questions. Practicing talking about your experiences, your studies and your hobbies is a way to be more relaxed during the interview. Ask for help beforehand to practice and prepare, not memorize, your responses. This will help you anticipate issues, and ‘ace the final’.

Being Natural

Another important tip: be yourself and trust yourself. Indeed, the recruiter organized this interview in order to discover who you are, to learn more about your personality and your way of thinking, etc. Being honest and having confidence in yourself can only be beneficial.

Asking Questions

ALWAYS make sure you have at least one or two relevant questions that you prepare ahead of time. It shows your interest and can give you important information about the position and the company.

Adequate preparation

When dressing for the interview don’t think too much.  Dress professionally, but comfortably. The important thing is that you get to the interview being prepared, comfortable, and calm. Use the restroom and have a little snack shortly before the start time, just to be in top shape!



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