Make your transport a vector of growth

Increase the performance of your Supply Chain

With over 20 years of experience, INTERLOG operates at the heart of the supply chain offering a set of innovative services supported by its 3 companies:

  • Interlog Services: Freight Spend Management and data analytics
  • Interlog Logistic: Supply Chain operations
  • Interlog Solutions: IT interconnectivity and Big Data management
8.2 M€







Sites: USA/Europe/APAC

Our services

Freight Spend Management

Freight Spend Management

  • Freight invoice audit
  • Data analytics
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Logistics Operations

Logistics Operations

  • Transport control tower
  • Shared VMI
  • Carriers management
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Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

  • Collaborative platforms
  • Shipping Management System
  • TMS
  • VMI software
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Another view of transportation

Convinced that it represents a real opportunity to create value and not just a cost factor, INTERLOG teams work to make transportation a growth vector for their customers.


Interlog Group announces the strengthening of North American capabilities

Pro-Log, a trusted, stable and reliable freight cost management company, is now Interlog North America

Interlog Services meeting Mangalore’ students

We had a great time introducing Interlog to the students of SDM & St Aloysius colleges in Mangalore.

Launch of Interlog Group’s Youtube channel

Interlog Group is glad to announce the launch of its YouTube channel!